About Originella Original

Originella Original was established in 2010 as a lifestyle brand based in Vallentuna, in the north part of Stockholm, Sweden. Here you find eye catching home interior design accessories all made of the beautiful art and design by owner Pia Bergvall Lundén. Except from being a talented artist, designer and entrepreneur, Pia has a long business background with a solid knowledge about export handling and international affairs.
Originella Original® designs are loved by a lot of people across the globe.
We have distributors in South Korea, USA and Japan and retailers in Sweden, Switzerland and Norway.

In 2018 Pia established her second brand, Pibelu of Sweden. In a collaboration with the Korean company, Sharemind,  distributor to Pibelu of Sweden, the collection Roslagen were produced. The collection of beautiful dinnerware are  sold so far, only in Korea. Pia added trays to the brand. The future will tell what is to come.

Art by Pia Bergvall Lundén are full of life with clear, bright  and happy colors. Animals and nature, fantasy and reality in a joyful mix. 

Konstnär Pia Bergvall Lundén